To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Congress - do your job and publicly reconvene the investigation into the Russian connection

Senators Burr and Warner, Representatives Conaway and Schiff: Our country demands that the stalled public and open hearings into Russian interference in our presidential election resume immediately.

Why is this important?

Chairman Devin Nunes derailed the Russian investigation after the initial factually explosive House Intelligence Committee public hearing with partisan and unethical contact with the White House. Since then the hearings in both the House and Senate have lost momentum. Instead the news cycle has turned to Donald Trump "wagging the dog", first with the Syrian military engagement, and now the bellicose and dangerous exchange of military threats with North Korea. The truth about Trump's campaign ties to Russia cannot wait as we head down a path of continued incompetent governance and possible military conflict. The House and Senate congressional investigations must take center stage publicly and transparently immediately.