To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Congress: Cancel Puerto Rico's debt now!

After being hit by two catastrophic hurricanes, the people of Puerto Rico have suffered enough. In the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, entire towns are flooded, there's no electricity, and supplies are scarce. This climate-fueled disaster has not only led to a humanitarian crisis, but an even deeper economic crisis. NOW is the time to forgive Puerto Rico's debt -- we urge U.S. Senators and Representatives to cancel Puerto Rico's debt before more harm is inflicted on the Puerto Rican people.

Why is this important?

Last week, Puerto Rico survived the worst hurricane it's experienced in almost a century. This climate catastrophe has taken a toll on the island -- entire towns are flooded, potable water and other essential resources are running out, and it's predicted the island will be without electricity for months. Mainland Puerto Ricans haven't been able to communicate with their loved ones, and many are still being rescued.

This is a humanitarian crisis that's being made worse by a deepening economic crisis. Hedge fund billionaires own much of Puerto Rico's debt --
they've been pushing for painful austerity measures while pressuring Puerto Rico to continue borrowing from Wall Street. These hedge funders have contributed nothing to the Puerto Rican people and are only interested in using the island as an ideal tax haven.

Puerto Ricans are hurting. Those on the island are being made to suffer through no fault of their own while hedge funders profit from our pain. This is a crisis and Congress cannot wait to take action. While our representatives decide on passing an aid bill, they must take action to forgive Puerto Rico's debt once and for all. Join me today in demanding that Congress cancel Puerto Ricans and stop the continued abuse by hedge fund vultures by forgiving Puerto Rico's debt.