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To: U.S. Congress

Congress: No “lame duck” war with Iran

Congress: No “lame duck” war with Iran

In January thousands of activists mobilized across the country with one unifying call: No war with Iran. Eleven months later, this demand remains the same.

Please make clear that Trump has no congressional authorization for a disastrous war of choice with Iran. I urge you to act as quickly as possible to ensure Trump is unable to drag the United States down the path to war as we prepare for a new administration to move into the White House.

Why is this important?

Within days of being projected the election’s loser, Trump is ALREADY setting the stage for a terrifying possibility of his last few weeks in office: war with Iran.

Trump has fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper — who was on the record as not wanting war with Iran — by tweet, and has replaced a SLATE of senior defense officials with conspiracy-peddling loyalists.

That's not all. Trump has dispatched his Iran envoy Elliot “convicted of lying to Congress” Abrams to Israel and Saudi Arabia “for consultations on Iran,” AND reports broke Trump’s planning a FLOOD of additional sanctions — adding new measures week over week until January 20 — escalating tensions to provoke a reaction from the Iranian government.

Congress has the unequivocal power to make and STOP war. But — and this is key — we have to ensure Congress is not caught off guard by the so-called lame duck period and immediately acts before any conflict spirals dangerously out of control.

Add your name now to help us raise the alarm and get ready to block ANY last-ditch attempt by the Trump administration to drag us into war with Iran.



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