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Congress, Obama: Don't Start an Arms Race in Space

Stop the expansion of "missile defense" in the NDAA. Don't start an arms race in space between the superpowers.

Why is this important?

By removing the word "limited" from in front of the phrase "missile defense" in the National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA], Congress is laying the groundwork for a costly effort to field space-based weaponry, the Los Angeles Times reports. Experts say the changes could aggravate tensions with Russia and China and prompt a renewed nuclear arms race. The bill awaits action by President Obama, who has not said what he will do. Leading defense scientists say the idea that a space-based system could provide security against nuclear attack is fantasy. [1]

“It defies the laws of physics and is not based on science of any kind,” says David Montague, retired president of missile systems for Lockheed and co-chair of a National Academy of Sciences panel that studied missile defense technologies. “Even if we darken the sky with hundreds or thousands of satellites and interceptors, there’s no way to ensure against a dedicated attack. So it’s an opportunity to waste a prodigious amount of money.” He calls the provisions passed by Congress “insanity, pure and simple.” [2]

Philip Coyle, former assistant secretary of Defense who headed the Pentagon office responsible for testing and evaluating weapon systems, describes the notion of a space-based nuclear shield as a sham. “To do this would cost just gazillions and gazillions,” Coyle says. “The technology isn’t at hand - nor is the money…Both Russia and China will use it as an excuse to do something that they want to do.” [3]

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