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To: Congress

Congress: Pass a Green New Deal for Cities!

We desperately need a Green New Deal, and the Green New Deal for Cities would make sure every city, town, county and tribe can have a federally funded Green New Deal. We need to tackle the environmental injustices that are making us sicker, costing us our homes, and destroying our planet. Freezing temperatures and extreme heat will only continue to get worse. We need to prepare our national infrastructure to support our people.

Why is this important?

The Green New Deal for Cities would provide local governments the funding to create good-paying, union jobs repairing their infrastructure, improving water quality, reducing air pollution, cleaning up our nation's parks, creating new green spaces

We need to give our local communities the funding and support to act to prevent even further environmental collapse. The Biden administration's Inflation Reduction Act is a great start, but the scale of the the climate crisis and the threats that it poses to the health, safety, and livelihoods of our communities demand that we go further to rapidly de-transition from fossil fuels to a green economy.

Source for image: Growing Together by James McInvale (left), Breathing New Life Into America by Caitlin Alexander (center), The Green New Deal by Jordan Johnson (right). From the Green New Deal poster series by Creative Action Network.


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