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To: Congress

Pass the Green New Deal now!

The fossil fuel industry and the far-right GOP are committed to stopping the Green New Deal, but our movement won't stop fighting for climate justice.

By investing in people and communities rather than corporate profits, the Green New Deal will create a better society and a better future for us all.

The Green New Deal would mobilize every aspect of American society to 100% clean and renewable energy, guarantee living-wage jobs for anyone who needs one, and a just transition for both workers and frontline communities—all in the next 10 years.

Why is this important?

The climate crisis is here and every day we face reminders of the dangers that it poses to humanity. The Green New Deal meets our grave climate challenges with equitable solutions to build a sustainable future for generations to come. While the impacts of climate change are being felt and seen by everyone, it's indisputable that Black, brown, and low income communities are hit first, and the hardest. The Green New Deal is a holistic vision and solution for the crisis we face.

We must demand investments in our communities, divestment from the fossil fuel industry, and action now!

Add your name now to tell Congress it's time to pass the Green New Deal.

Source for image: Molly Crabapple. From the Green New Deal Arts: Signs of the Times project by



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