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To: U.S. Congress

Congress: We demand a 5-year ban on Saudi and Emirati arms sales!

Congress: We demand a 5-year ban on Saudi and Emirati arms sales!

To members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate:

The firing of the State Inspector General for investigating the Trump administration’s possibly illegal emergency sale of $8 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE is corruption at its worst. There must be repercussions and we cannot allow the United States to support the Saudi and Emirati-led coalition’s brutal war in Yemen any longer. I urge you to enact an unconditional five-year ban on arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates immediately.

Why is this important?

The sale of U.S. weapons has enabled the catastrophic war in Yemen and other Saudi and Emirati human rights abuses for far too long. Yet, while the Obama administration paused some arms sales and repeated bipartisan majorities in Congress voted to block them entirely, the Trump administration has pressed on, welcoming arms lobbyists through the door.

Now, Trump and Pompeo fired the State Department Inspector General investigating the legality of past weapons sales that might expose these deals for what they are: illegal money made from human suffering. There must be repercussions for this corruption of U.S. foreign policy: It is time to end the U.S. role in propping up human rights abusers and an overpowered arms industry.

Add your name to urge Congress enact an immediate, five-year ban on arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Reasons for signing

  • That corrupt bastard needs to be made accountable and he should be punished for his filthy ways.
  • shoulda been longer, but we'll settle for what we have—BAN ARMS SALES period's more like it
  • Stop *trump chaos tactics* + investigate Pompeo + mass-proliferating diversions. GOP win by Cheating schemes + suspicious "deals"


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