To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Congressional Entitlements

Congressional entitlements and their Health care package should be eliminated so that they can experience the frustrations of their constituents. Our Congressman work for us...they should not be given raises when they please and they should have the same health care that we have to choose from...not paid by US. Their retirement package needs to be shaved down...they should be shamed to receive their salary for life....and then want to take from the poor and aged....We should have an independent committee go over and change these entitlements.
Our forefathers never intended for Congressman to be lifers and receive the compensation packages that they have created
Let's DO something about this...they are no better than us.

Why is this important?

I am frustrated hearing Republican Congressman going after Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as the only way to lower spending...What about Lifetime Congressional Healthcare and retirement packages. Since when do employees get better packages than their employers??? Doesn't the Congress work for us??/
They are so far removed from the needs of the average person that they can't make these decisions intelligently.