To: New Jersey's Judicial System

Corruption in New Jersey's Judicial System

The Supreme Court of New Jersey on 5/2/19 changed Court Rule 4:64-2 in direct conflict of the Public Comments it received AGAINST changing this Court Rule.

Why is this important?

The Supreme Court commissioned a "Special Committee" on Foreclosure procedures in New Jersey. They claimed they wanted to preserve the "right to due process". What a farce. The Committee issued recommendations which did NOT include changes to Rule 4:64-2. The Supreme Court sought Public Comments. ALL Public Comments were against changing the Court Rule, but the NJ Supremes went ahead and changed it, anyway.
Please sign my Petition. Homeowners in New Jersey are being deprived of the "right to due process" by the very Court that claims they are trying to protect the "right to due process". The NJ Supremes should have just come right out and said "Proofs needed to Foreclose-NONE. You don't have to prove you have the right to Foreclose in New Jersey. Just declare a default and you're good to go".
People all across this land should be OUTRAGED!


Reasons for signing

  • Foreclosure victim previously in Rahway, NJ Union County
  • Agree with Tracy from CA. Add Oregon too.
  • The Supreme Court of New Jersey is bank owned. You work for the people, not the banks. How much are the banks paying you to help them steal houses? Do you even know what due process is? New Jersey is bank-owned just like California. Wearing your little black judge robe does not entitle you to help these fraudster banks, pretender-lenders, and stupid lying servicers to steal houses they do not own.

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