To: W. Craig Jelinek, Costco CEO

Costco: Stop Taking Babies Away From Their Mothers

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Give hope to mothers and their families this holiday season by cutting ties with all animal-abusing companies!

Why is this important?

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) recently investigated a large pig breeding farm in North America and discovered horrifying conditions. The investigators found dozens of dead and rotting piglets. Each of the mother pigs was confined to a crate so small she could not turn around or move her head. At pig breeding facilities, piglets are taken away from their mothers at just 17 days, well before they are weaned. Many become sick and injured and die slow, painful deaths.

In the course of the investigation, DxE rescued a young piglet and named her Madison. Watch Madison’s video at

Companies like Costco claim to be progressive yet they sell products from farms just like the one DxE investigated. Sign the petition and ask Costco to cut ties with all animal-abusing companies.