To: Jeanne Robb, Councilwoman District 10, Denver, Colorado and Nora Kimball, Council Aide, District 10, Denver, Colorado

Councilwoman Robb: Protect Residential Parking Permit holders from excessive ticketing

Increase the number of residential parking spaces, or stop the excessive ticketing of residential parking permit holders.

Why is this important?

The development of state-owned properties in our neighborhood has occurred without the concomitant replacement of the lost parking spaces it has caused for residents. Rather than relax the restrictions on or increase the area where the affected residents are permitted to park, some parking agents in the Denver Public Works office have begun to ticket residents, even though those residents hold valid Resident Parking Permits. This practice has to stop. In an area where there is a serious dearth of parking, the permitted zone for resident parking must be enlarged.


Reasons for signing

  • It may be helpful to know that I now avoid coming to Denver as much as possible because of no place to park. I'm probably not the only one. My assessment is that Denver is missing out on a large amount of tax revenue that it would otherwise get from commerce if it were more hospitable to potential patrons of restaurants, lectures, etc., but providing for parking.
  • The parking situation in Capital Hill is abosolutely atrocious.
  • I only have a guest parking permit because I don't have a car but I am concerned about my guests being ticketed.