To: New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division - Third Department

Count Every Vote in New York

Count every vote in the contested Tkaczyk - Amedore state Senate race in New York.

Why is this important?

The race for State Senate between Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk and Republican George Amedore has come down to just a few dozen votes.

A New York State judge certified the Republican as the winner, even though there are hundreds of ballots left that still haven't been counted, including ours!

By failing to count our votes, we have been disenfranchised from local, state and federal races. As Election Inspectors, we have been trained to resolve technical problems to ensure that every voter has the opportunity to vote. It is outrageous that, because of improper guidance from the Board of Elections, our votes haven't been counted.

In a democracy, every vote must be counted. And in the Tkaczyk-Amedore race, with the result so close, we can't know who really won the election until every voice is heard.

The race is being appealed to the Appellate Division, 3rd Department, of the New York State Supreme Court, and the case will be heard Monday. They must count every vote!