To: Chris Beutler, Mayor - City of Lincoln, NE, Eugene Carroll, Chair City Council, Deb Schorr (District 3), Chair County Commissioners, Bernie Heier (District 4), Vice Chair, County Commissioners, Brent Smoyer (District 5), Board of County ...

County Mental Health Center A Necessity

Stop the closing of the Lancaster Community Mental Health Center. A person's mental health is more important than fixing Geothermal holes. Find the money to fix the holes from somewhere else.

Why is this important?

We, the undersigned, recognize the need to keep the County Mental Health Center Open. In their own mission statement, it says: "The Community Mental Health Center of Lancaster County is dedicated to providing quality mental health care and rehabilitation services for adults who experience acute physhological distress or serious mental illness."

We all know someone who is in need of these services. Knowing that this facility is closing has our friends, family members, neighbors and those we do not know, but who live in Lancaster County, in a frenzy. They are frightened as to what will happen to them.How will they get the treatment and medications that they so desperately need.

A trait of all people, especially those with mental problems, is the need for community support. Without this support, many will end up in jail, on drugs, or living on the streets. The Mental Health Center is a lifeline for people with problems.

How can we turn our backs on our neighbors, friends, relatives and people in need? Signing this petition let's the county know that the County Mental Health Center is a necessity and should remain open.

Correction: "No county money was spent to re-dig the geothermal well holes. That was the responsibility of the contractor that dug them wrong in the first place. The subcontractor had bond money posted prior to going out of business. The contractor fulfilled its legal and financial obligation of re-digging the 149 wells at no cost to the county." per Jane Raybould (District #1), Board of County Commissioners

We still need to keep the Community Mental Health Center open and functioning.