To: The New York State House, The New York State Senate, Governor Andrew Cuomo, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

CSX's Extortion

Land owner's right to their land!

Why is this important?

I have been crossing the railroad tracks (country freight train of 25 mph)to get to my land without any issues with CSX( railroad company) for over 6 years. Stated in my deed of 1852, is access for use of the crossing to get to the land on the other side of the tracks. Now that I want to build an off grid home back in my woods, CSX wants to charge me $1450/year maintenance fee and demands I purchase a $5 million insurance policy. CSX is willing to give me a REVOCABLE LICENSE ONLY,which my bank sees as unacceptable.


Reasons for signing

  • I fully support Peter and Kathy Shue in their request for permanent access to their beautiful property. CSX is out of line with there stance on this issue.
  • Large company regulations do not always work or make sense.
  • Land owners should have the right to their land!