To: James L. Cummins, Senior Vice President, Vinod Khilnani, Former CEO; Current Board of Directors, Richard Cutter, VP at CTS Corp, and Elizabeth Bottorff Ahlemann, Attorney

CTS Site Asheville, Full Scale Cleanup

We the undersigned ask CTS Corporation to pay for a full scale cleanup of the toxic chemicals leaching into the soil, water, and air surrounding the CTS of Asheville site. The delays have gone on long enough. Do the corporate socially responsible thing and clean up the mess. It should not take a government / EPA action to force you to take care of the toxins leaching into the environment of this mountain community.

Why is this important?

CTS Corp left a TCE (trichloroethylene) leaking mess in the Mills Gap community of South Asheville. The plant closed in 1987 initial investigation began in 1991. Since that time, TCE and other carcinogens have been found in the communities' well water. We the undersigned ask for CTS corporation for a full scale cleanup of the toxic chemicals leaching into the soil, water, and air.


Reasons for signing

  • How long do we have to wait????
  • We all seek clean air to breathe, clean water to play in and clean soil to walk on without the fears of poisonous carcinogens to breathe and penetrate our bodies causing cancers and debilitating illnesses such as so dramatically this toxic site has proven to be. PLEASE clean up the ENTIRE site for our health and well being- and existence.
  • Do the right thing!

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