To: Carolyn Perot Rathjen, The Perot Museum Board of Directors Chair

Dallas Perot Museum: Reform your energy hall!

Show us the TRUTH about the chemical process of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in your Tom Hunt Energy Hall

Why is this important?

The Perot Museum seeks to inspire minds through nature and science. However, the Tom Hunt Energy Hall lacks vital information concerning the chemical process of hydraulic fracturing.

Leaving out important details is a disservice to public education and misleads young scientific thinkers.

Help us show the Perot Museum's Chair that we wish to see the whole truth!


Reasons for signing

  • My family and i were invited to this museum last weekend while we were in town visiting family. At first I was surprised to hear about the fracking area of the museum. After seeing it for myself, it was frustrating that there was not more information about the problems this creates for the generation this exhibit is targeted towards.
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