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To: President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Schumer, Speaker of the House Pelosi

DC Democrats: Stop Trying to Negotiate with The Walking Dead

DC Democrats: Stop Trying to Negotiate with The Walking Dead

See the GOP for what it is today, a Zombie mob that only wants to take your power. Newt Gingrich, Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, and Mitch McConnell have killed, embalmed, and buried the old GOP. Stop wasting precious time and energy on efforts at bipartisanship and aggressively make your case at the local level. (Yes, the Gollum is not a Zombie but the spirit is the same & this is what I had on file.)

Why is this important?

It's now obvious Mitch McConnell and today's other GOP leaders will do and say anything in order to win, thereby assuring that the prize goes to the ultra-wealthy. The window of opportunity is short. Democrats must wake up to the fact they are wasting precious time trying to bring the old GOP back to life. Instead, they need to move swiftly and aggressively to do whatever it takes to get all the pending legislation passed. At the same time, they need to go local in a widespread manner, making their case directly to voters by pointing out in factual detail how the GOP is hurting them and show exactly how the Democrats will help them with whatever specific issues and problems they care about. This might include needed infrastructure repair, the high cost of medicines, a need for better jobs and a higher income, the lack of clean water and good air, the cost and availability of food basics, the need more extensive child care. Whatever it is, Now is the time to act.


Reasons for signing

  • Zombies & today's GOP only want one thing: Your soulful nature. Why? Because a) they don't have one and b) it gives them power over you.


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