To: The United States House of Representatives

Dear Congress: We Accept Your Resignation.

Dear Congress,
We accept your shutdown as a resignation - thank you for making your indifference to the majority of Americans clearly known. You should have said something sooner.

We'll take over from here.

Why is this important?

Let's be honest: it hasn't been working out between us for a while. From the Wall Street bailout of 2008 on down to the sequester, it’s been pretty clear that your allegiances lay with the banks and multi-national corporations, rather than the majority of Americans.

But shutting down the government crucial regulatory services, national parks, inspections and oversight services that benefit everyone as well as throwing the millions of Americans who rely on their government paycheck for stability (many whom are just one shock away from poverty) under the bus… well, that just proves it.

Join us and tell Congress you feel the same.