To: American Public Health association, Brady Campaign, Senator Barabra Boxer, Senator Feinstien, Mayor Bloomberg, Mayors against gun violence, Million Mom March, National School Safety Center, LAUSD Board member, Julie Cornstein, Dr. george...

Dear Mr. President, YES YOU CAN!

Dear Mr. President, YES YOU CAN!

Our children's future is in your hands. We owe it to them to end our gun culture now and create a culture of peace for the next generation.

Violence is a deadly social epidemic disease. As Americans, we are fascinated with guns and violence, therefore totally numb and desensitized to the tragedies that happen to us everyday. We need to rewire our brains and be re-sensitized again.

• Violence is a learned behavior. Weapons+Violent Culture=Disaster.
• Values and behaviors learned during childhood have the most lasting effect throughout life.
• Guns are not toys. Guns are for killing and toys are for playing, the combination of these is deadly.
• The media’s glamorization of violence, the widespread possession and use of dangerous playthings, like toy guns, toy weapons and video games have desensitized children to violence.

Stop feeding our innocent kids' fascinations with guns & violence by eliminating anything that teaches kids violence, and by investing in & supporting violence prevention/intervention projects.

Why is this important?

Creating a peaceful culture!

I am concerned because I am an Epidemiologist, and violence is a deadly social epidemic disease. I am the 1st recipient of "Peace Award," from the American Public Health association.
"I have a dream that one day, we all live in a peaceful world"