To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Declare the NRA a Terrorist Organization

The National Rifle Association needs to be listed as a Terrorist organization for their promotion of guns and that gun violence is the only way to solve the nations problems. The NRA has become the problem for their promotion of weapons.

Why is this important?

The NRA has declared that guns are the only way to solve our society's problems. They promote weapons in ever corner of our society, arming the youngest to the oldest among us. There only solution to violence in our society is more guns and more violence. The Organization itself promotes violence for the sake of weapons.


Reasons for signing

  • The NRA values metal and gun powder more than human life.
  • Why did I sign? Hmm, thats a good question
  • Because I am tired of people claiming BLM is a terrorist group, vilifying people and businesses that support them when all the while we have a politically backed, high-dollar lobby (terrorist) group that supports anyone to carry and use assault rifles in the name of the Constitution. But to “these people”, the Constitution does not apply to people of color, or anyone that speaks out against or even just decides not support their agenda.