To: Governor Charlie Baker

Decline/Withdraw Pardon for Mark Wahlberg in Massachusetts State Court

Mark Wahlberg, actor and previous resident of Dorchester, MA has petitioned the Massachusetts Parole Board for a pardon in a case in which he was convicted of assault and served 45 days in Corrections in 1988. We ask this petition for pardon be withdrawn or declined due to the violent and racially inflammatory aspects of the incident.

Why is this important?

Under the present racial climate in this country this petition for pardon is both out of touch with the fair and procedural workings of our political justice system and if passed, at the present time presents a dangerous hindrance to the building of community connections both racially and economically in the city of Boston. Though Mr. Walhberg's petition is most likely to fail, pardon's involving acts of violence are typically rare, I would like to raise awareness of the petition and to ensure at this time that a pardon is not granted.


Dear Mark Wahlberg,

Just in case you see this petition, I sincerely hope you do and have a moment to read this personal message. I didn't grow up in Dorchester, I grew up in Cambridge, one of those odd girls in the pit in Harvard Square but I got older and moved to Dorchester with my husband and it is our home. And I love it. From the history to the grittiness and the resilient spirit of the community. I love the diversity and the connection to local politics.

I don't need to tell you about Dorchester. You lived it and in your recent past you have given back to your old town. Your work on the behalf of Dorchester children is commendable and I personally thank you for reaching out to your community. I must ask you though: How many of those children who have run into trouble before or after experiencing your summer camp experiences will be able to expunge their records? How many of them were treated unfairly, harassed and manipulated by a system that you are petitioning to grant you a pardon from your past transgressions?

In the past few months we have witnessed scene after scene of young black people in the streets, crying, hollering, weeping for justice from unwarranted and aggressive police brutality for much lesser crimes than you have committed in your youth. I ask you to take all of this in and recognize the ramifications of a pardon to those that have been so unjustly treated. Those that might look to a man in your position for leadership and guidance.

Come back to Dorchester Mark, not just to eat or visit with the Mayor. Come back to the neighborhood that loves you and celebrates your successes. Come back and see where you can help Dorchester find revitalization and development for struggling communities! I welcome you to come back to Dorchester to give back on the Main Streets with their empty storefronts, to help revitalize parks and community gardens that desperately need benefactors, help us explore options for making Dorchester a player in the technology real estate market. Come back to Dorchester to the public that looks up to you now as a entrepreneurial business man who is a global success and help us right a few more wrongs. Then let's talk a pardon.

Sarah Francis


Reasons for signing

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  • Its messd up 2 think that just because hes rich and famous he thinks he shouldnt hav 2 suffer 4 his lactions that had a lasting impact on his victims he commited hate crimes n more than once he should be held accountable u dont get a free pass n 45 days in jail is a fkn joke wats sad is i was a fan of his before hearing this now i wil no longer watch his movies so tired of these people who r wite n rich n sometimes famous gettin away wth these types of discusting actions n behavior u dont get...
  • He should not be pardoned for his heinous acts against people of non-white origin.