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To: The North Carolina State House, The North Carolina State Senate, and Governor Roy Cooper

Decriminalize Marijuana Possession In North Carolina

Increase no-fault possession to up to 4 oz and establish a way to expunge past convictions for possession of up to 4 oz.

Why is this important?

I am introducing legislation during the current short session to change North Carolina's marijuana possession law. The members of the General Assembly need to know that our states citizens support change. Between May 16 and June 15, let the legislators know how you feel.


Reasons for signing

  • 2021 ya know, i mean c'mon
  • The simple fact is this is a personal liberty issue. The government should not be able to dictate what substances I choose to take in the privacy of my own home.
  • It's becoming ridiculous, how many more states(currently 19 states 2 districts or territories) need to get on board before North Carolina rethinks it's opinion on Cannabis?


2020-04-07 02:15:39 -0400

5,000 signatures reached