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Cannabis Compassion and Care Act for America. If you are American, this is for you and your loved...

Marijuana use has increased over the last 40 years since President Nixon started the "War on Drugs". Countless victims of this war have been made felons for non-violent marijuana offenses. The Prison system IS BIG BUSINESS in America! End the war on Marijuana.
Decriminalize, Regulate and Tax!

Why is this important?

I am an insulin dependent diabetic with painful, peripheral neuropathy. My 7 year old daughter has severe Crohn's disease. The Cannabinoids, a specific group of chemicals in the plant, have a vast array of beneficial properties, including but not limited to: Reduction in inflammation, boosts immune systems, helps with the transport of glucose into the cells, controls pain without the risk of respiratory depression, etc.

I have tried multiple pain medications for diabetic neuropathy and nausea, with no success. My daughter takes dangerous chemotherapy drugs and steroids to control her Crohn's disease. It is damaging her liver, increases her risk of cancer to 11% and causes sterility in females. The next step for her is intravenous chemotherapy.

Cannabis has been scientifically proven to force Crohn's disease into remission. This was proved by several double-blind placebo studies done recently.
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Please, sign the petition and force our government to listen to America. If it can relieve pain, heal tissue and treat PTSD, then what is the issue? Thousands of years of human use and no recorded deaths related directly to Cannabis. With any medicine, there is the potential for abuse. Morning Glory Flowers are not illegal, yet they do have some psychoactive effects. People are also dying from "Potpouri" and "Spice", which are synthetic drugs, with no therapeutic value. People are turning to these even though it is illegal. Castor Bean Plants, Hemlock, many plants KILL and are poison, but not illegal. Let's end this insanity, Tax, regulate and enforce. It has worked with alcohol and tobacco, which both are FAR more deadly than the plant, Cannabis.

It's the 21st century in America. I served my country in the Marine Corps during Desert Storm. I was subjected to all kinds of chemical exposure. Our U.S. Government knows how ineffective prohibition is, that's why alcohol is legal today. One major difference between Alcohol and Cannabis, Cannabis does have medicinal qualities and the studies prove it. I have worked as a RN for years, and have never oberved a patient admitted for soley using marijuana. Let's face it, in today's world, you could consider Robitussin, Nyquil and many other OTC drugs as "gateway" drugs. Alcohol and tobacco are the biggest gateway drugs yet our government doesn't have a problem with these killers.

Let's move towards a nation of FREE people instead of a nation of INCARCERATED people! Americans continue to use Marijuana despite the laws. The use hasn't stopped because of the War on Drugs, it has increased! If we actually study history, we know prohibition doesn't work. It leads to deaths, incarceration and innocent people being hurt by the government's decision.

Thank you and please SIGN the petition for all those Americans suffering right now. SIGN the petition for the 19-year-old American that has a Felony on their record for using marijuana! Any substance can be abused. Over 1000 people die every year from Acetaminophen over-dose. I have personally observed this as a registered nurse. I have NEVER seen a person admitted to the hospital for ANYTHING RELATED TO CANNABIS in my 15 years of health care experience!

Thank you,

Laney's Dad "aka" Emery Myers RN, DON-CLTC

For more information on the scientific studies please visit: