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Dem candidates: Visit the Homestead child detention center this week while you're in Miami for th...

We are calling on all the Democratic candidates for President to personally visit the Homestead Child Detention Center while they are in South Florida this week for the debates.

Why is this important?

After visiting the Homestead Child Detention Center last week, I was horrified by the overcrowding and prison like conditions.

The U.S. government is currently holding thousands of child migrants, many of whom have been separated from their families by U.S. immigration officials in Homestead. Most have fled violence and poverty in Central America and are seeking asylum in the United States.

Instead of being released to family members or other sponsors, many are spending weeks or months in inhumane detention. And because Homestead is an emergency influx center, children are not protected by agreements that ordinarily ensure licensing and other standards are met. US taxpayers are paying a FOR PROFIT company, Comprehensive Health Services (owned by Caliburn) over $750 per DAY per child. It is estimated that the per DAY cost to taxpayers for detaining the children of Homestead is over $2.4 million.

We are imploring the Democratic candidates to go to Homestead and see the detention center for themselves. Every day there are witnesses who hold up signs over the fence in support of the children and tell them they are not alone. Can the candidates for president please join them?

We must get these children out of detention and into Homes Instead.