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To: Jeff Bezos

Demand Amazon stop donating to anti-abortion politicians

Last month, when the right-wing-rigged Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Amazon and a number of other corporations have signaled that they would support employees and staff to get abortion care. But this is just a performative attempt to put a band-aid on a crisis they've helped fuel. Amazon needs to stop donating to anti-abortion Republican candidates.

Why is this important?

Amazon and the rest of corporate America want to reap the benefits of appearing pro-reproductive rights without actually having to stop their donations to candidates actively passing abortion bans. Companies across various industries—from AT&T and Disney to Amazon—have donated to Republicans and extremists for years including Republican governors who are now signing abortion bans into law.

Amazon released a statement that “team members should get the care they need" and have offered to reimburse their staff for travel. But that’s simply not enough to combat an issue they’ve contributed to. Amazon has the opportunity to actually support their staff, by ending all donations to Republican and right-wing extremist candidates that will support abortion bans and limit worker’s rights across the country.


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