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To: Calhoun County, IA Board of Supervisors

Stop the County's Harassment of Twin Lakes Landowners - DEMAND A PUBLIC MEETING!

Listen up Calhoun County, Iowa! Our Board of Supervisors are not acting in our best interest. In Twin Lakes, they plan to file a lawsuit to seize the shoreline of 31 residents' shorefronts for public access. Homeowners can show proof dating back to 1855 that they have ownership. After 5 years of trying to compromise and communicate directly with the Board of Supervisors with no avail, it is time we take action! They have utilized over $67K of taxpayer money to hire lawyers to claim that our land that we purchased isn't our land, and they are still going and hired a third attorney! These funds could be crucial in improving Calhoun County parks and roads. JOIN US in demanding a public meeting to discuss their intentions, the use of our tax dollars, and to stop the harassment of Twin Lakes landowners!

Why is this important?

The Board of Supervisors are targeting Twin Lakes homeowners to seize our shorefront for more public access even though there six public areas on North Twin
. NOTE: In this instance, homeowners have made tens of thousands of dollars of improvements to the shoreline, their property and have contracts with the DNR to have private access to the shoreline. This could cause a devaluation of their property, increased traffic and noise as well as all liability defaulting to the landowner.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver the petition to the Board of Supervisors that are spearheading this lawsuit.
If you'd like to contact them yourself, feel free to do so. They are:
District 1: Scott Becker, [email protected]
District 2: Scott Jacobs, [email protected]
District 3: Carl Legore, [email protected]



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There have been several articles written by local newspapers outlining this issue. Most are from our point of view, but one from the County's point of view.
1. Aug. 31, 2023 edition of the Calhoun County Phoenix. Article, "Who owns the land?"
2. Sept. 13, 2023 edition of the The Graphic-Advocate. Front page article, "Dispute continues: Landowners frustrated by ‘impasse.’"
3. Sept. 17, 2023 edition of the Fort Dodge Messenger. Front page article, "Shoreline Duspute Continues."