To: Karen Whitney, President, Clarion University

Demand Clarion University Reinstate Music Education, German and French Programs

I'm writing as a student, alumni, parent, employee or friend of Clarion University. My life has been impacted by the high quality courses and top-notch educators of the College of Education and the French and German programs at Clarion University. Your proposal is unfair and insulting to the students, faculty and alumni of these programs. We urge you to reconsider these cuts as part of your workforce plan and find new and innovative ways to restructure the University and generate revenue.

Why is this important?

Clarion University has slated the Music Education, German and French programs for elimination as well as the dissolution of the College of Education as part of its illogical workforce plan. The loss of 22 faculty positions affects some of Clarion's most beloved, well-respected and effective educators. Tell President Karen Whitney that you won't stand for this!


Reasons for signing

  • As a former French professor at Clarion, I can attest to the value I saw my students derive from the University's language program.
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