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To: Voters and the public

Demand Elected Persons Take a Stand for or Against Insurrection

Demand Elected Persons Take a Stand for or  Against Insurrection

Every person elected to public office, state or federal, must take a stand in writing, on whether they support the violence that took place on January 6th, 2021 at United States Capitol Building, or not.

Why is this important?

On January 6th, 2021, Americans witnessed a violent attack on the United States capitol by a menacing group of white supremacist insurrectionist Trump supporters. These domestic terrorists preplanned their attack with the full knowledge and support of some elected persons including the President and, in some cases, their participation. The group committed murder, assault, destruction of public property, menace, and national security breaches, and other state and federal crimes. The menacing Trump mob also indicated intentions to assassinate the Vice President and other elected officials and to abduct democrats with unknown intent. Some brandished flexicuffs intended to restrain lawmakers, others erected a gallows and chanted, “Hang Mike Pence!”

The violent riot revealed a disturbing failure of security that put America’s entire seated government and many national treasures in peril. From some perspectives, it seemed as if parts of law enforcement were complicit in the siege, and subsequent to events, certain individuals have resigned their law enforcement positions. Additionally, it appeared that the Trump administration refused to deploy the National Guard and in the very least that there was a lengthy delay in approving their deployment while the entire congress was holed up in their “safe place” in the capitol in fear for their lives.

Prior to this assault on democracy, the insurrectionists participated in what was largely a lawful protest attended by The President of the United States who spoke to his followers along with other speakers. Ending his speech with a falsehood, Trump told the angry crowd that he would go with them to the capitol. The speeches delivered at the protest incited the protestors to march directly to the capitol at the behest of the President and others and to attack anyone they encountered in or around the capitol building. Quick thinking compelled brave staff inside to stack furniture in front of entryways which gave congress time to flee to safety before entries were breached and chaos ensued. Of course, Mr. Trump did not go to the capitol but instead watched the unfolding violence on television, reportedly with relish.

This “Storming of the Capitol” as it was called was an open secret, broadly discussed on social media, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Apparently, additional attacks are already planned, some say for January 17th, 2021, others for January 20, 2021. The President was aware of and participated in discussions of the storming of the capital and encouraged people to attend and participate. Today our country is under a siege of duplicity from the right-wing extremists. For too long, we have permitted lawmakers and others to look the other way while lies, conspiracy theories, and falsehoods, like the one that a fraud took place in our presidential election, are propagated. Also, White Nationalist groups have been permitted to organize and thrive unchecked under the Trump administration despite the fact that our National Security Agencies have deemed them one of the biggest threats to our National Security. Though there was no evidence of fraud and several courts decided against cases brought by President Trump and his supporters, hundreds of Republican representatives and some Republican Senators voted in support of claims of fraud, objecting to the certification of votes from Pennsylvania and Arizona, after the insurrection at the Capitol, likely validating such lawless violence.

This petition is a demand that elected officials consider the events of January 6, 2021, and make a choice, in writing on the record, about whether they support such acts. This will give Americans a clear idea of the character of the people who hold office in their government and whether they will uphold the oath they have pledged to their country.

How it will be delivered

email and social media and word of mouth

Reasons for signing

  • Republicans need to grow a moral backbone. What a bunch of mealy mouthed cowardly douchebags. I'm so disgusted with my former party of affiliation.


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