To: Joseph Jimenez, CEO, Vasant Narasimhan, Incoming CEO, and Novartis

Demand Fair Prices for Drugs Invented using Taxpayer Money

U.S. taxpayers paid more than $200 million to invent a new cancer drug that could cure thousands of patients. Now, the drug corporation Novartis plans to charge children HALF A MILLION DOLLARS per dose. Add your name to this urgent petition and demand fair pricing for cancer drugs invented with taxpayer dollars.

Why is this important?

Drug corporation Novartis is profiteering off taxpayers and children with cancer.

Novartis announced plans to price its new cancer drug, Kymriah, at $475,000 per treatment. But American taxpayers invested over $200 million in the basic science behind the drug.

What Novartis is doing is tantamount to extortion. But we can stop it.

We're holding Novartis accountable. We're demanding Americans do not pay twice for a drug they helped invent. We don't have huge bank accounts like pharmaceutical corporations—but we have each other. We have our voices. Let's stand together and use them. Add your name to this critical petition now.