To: Lowell McAdam, Verizon CEO

Demand Fairness For Verizon Workers

39,000 CWA and IBEW Union Workers at Verizon had no choice but to go on strike. Verizon's plan at the bargaining table was to control our lives by telling us where we can live and if and when we will see our families. A corporation that makes 1.5 Billion dollars a month in profits can afford to treat their workers and retirees with respect. Tell Verizon to treat their workers and retirees with fairness and dignity by taking their incredibly retrogressive demands off the table.

Why is this important?

The families of the striking Verizon workers are suffering incredible financial hardship due to Verizon's unreasonable and greedy demands at the bargaining table. Verizon is demanding the right to transfer us anywhere, lay us off with no regard to seniority and replace our displaced Brothers and Sisters with outside contractors. Verizon is demanding the right to outsource our call center jobs overseas. Verizon is demanding that our retirees greatly increase their contributions to health care costs. The Men and Women who built their network and service their customers deserve to live their lives with dignity.