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Demand FCC to make Videophones interoperable!

FCC has in the past made sure the cellular phones are interoperable for
consumers to be able to reach out anybody in the world. Now that we have video capabilities on our smartphones and computers, the FCC needs to order them to be interoperable with each other.

Why is this important?

There are several off-shelves video phone communication products such as Skype, ooVoo, FaceTime, Tango, among countless different products available for customers to choose. At the moment, they are not interoperable with each other, forcing us to have each one in our systems or various hardware to choose to talk to friends on a similar system.
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has the power/authority to order interoperability among those products. We need to ASK FCC to do this so our customers can choose a product of their own to work with their peer's choices of products just like the current Cellular/ Land-line phone systems work.

Please sign the Petition to show FCC, “we the people” need all videophones to be interoperable!

We need to work together to ask FCC to make this happen so we all can communicate with anybody without going through the hassle of making sure what product the other end has. This will help increase true accessibility for our Deaf & Hard of Hearing friends in reaching out to their peers and hearing counterparts without the manipulation of the current Video Relay Service companies to be coerced into utilizing their product only.