To: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Demand for Full Fracking Chemical Disclosure

We, the undersigned, in conjunction with the public comment period currently underway, call on the EPA to conduct public hearings in areas where fracking operations are either occurring or have occurred so that we may voice our concerns over the lack of full disclosure of the fracking chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. (Docket number EPA-HQ-OPPT-2011-1019)

Why is this important?

There are cases across the United States of chemicals used by the natural gas industry during fracking being found in drinking water sources. Many of the chemicals the industry uses are highly toxic and exposure is linked to illnesses including cancer, kidney failure, and fertility problems. During the Bush Administration, fracking was exempted from regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act, making the chemicals used proprietary information.

The public has a right to know all the chemicals used in fracking fluids. The Federal government needs to play a greater role in protecting our health, safety, and environment. The EPA wants to develop a federal chemical disclosure policy under the Toxic Substance and Control Act and is currently seeking comment to help shape this policy. It is important that they conduct public hearings in impacted states during this process so they can hear directly from the public.


Reasons for signing

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  • "Secret" chemicals should NEVER be allowed in such projects.

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