To: Fox News and President Donald Trump

Demand Fox News stop censoring anti-Trump views

The movement to impeach Donald Trump is growing -- and Trump and his allies are frantic. Fox News banned my "Need to Impeach" ad from their network. They are trying to silence the movement demanding Congress impeach Trump. Send Fox News a strong message: We will not allow you to silence us.

Why is this important?

When I launched my "Need to Impeach" effort just a couple weeks ago, Fox News agreed to run an ad. Our dangerous president even watched it and tweeted a personal attack on me. But now, Fox News and President Trump see the strength of our movement and that more Americans than ever agree: It’s time to impeach. Fox News is frantically changing course, refusing to let us keep our ad on their network. We need to send Fox News a strong message: Stop silencing our voices. Run the ad and let viewers make their own decisions.


Reasons for signing

  • FOX censors conservatives just as much as the liberals who come there to tell us how stupid we are for believing Fox while they believe CNN or MSNBC. Tell Libbies to get over themselves. They have their own news Rag that expresses the beliefs they align with. They dont need to come tell us that we are misinformed.
  • The false propaganda that fox news spreads reminds me of Russian backed propaganda news. It damages our democracy when we don't have true facts in our News stories. I support truth and real facts about the current President and the White House. May truth and justice one day be revealed.
  • Do not censor America.

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