To: Jim Seidel, CEO/Owner Snarf's Sandwich Shop

Demand Justice for Snarf's Workers Terminated 3 Days Before Christmas!

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Reinstate employees with furlough payment, terminated 3 days before Christmas.

Why is this important?

My name is Kevin Brown and I've been working at Snarf's sandwich shop for two and a half years.

My co-workers and I were all fired three days before Christmas via email, without any notice. Many of us had requested to take some time off during the holidays to be with our families, but were told we could not because we were scheduled to work. In the end we were not able to spend time with our families and left without a job!

We worked hard every single day to make Snarf's a thriving business and yet we were unjustly fired in the most unprofessional manner. The CEO promised an additional week of wages for the way things were handled, but he has now broken that promise. Stand with me and my co-workers as we protest this unfair termination and demand that Snarf's immediately reinstates its employees with furlough payment!