To: John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods

Demand Justice for Working Mother Unfairly Terminated from Whole Foods!

Reinstate Rhiannon Broschat, a working mother who was unfairly terminated from Whole Foods because she stayed home to care for her special needs son during subzero temperatures.

Why is this important?

My name is Rhiannon Broschat and I've been working at Whole Foods for almost two years.

Chicago experienced severe weather on Tuesday, January 28 with subzero temperatures and high windchill prompting Chicago Public Schools to close. The dangerous cold and schools closing in addition to me being a single mother, left me scrambling for childcare and unable to find anyone to watch my special needs son. As a result, I was forced to call off work to stay home and care for him.

Whole Foods, instead of understanding my difficult situation, fired me. Recently, Whole Foods promised a more fair attendance policy which includes excused absences for "a metro wide weather disaster, which affects a significant number of people." I work hard every single day to make Whole Food's a thriving business, yet they claim I was abusing their attendance policy. Stand with me as I protest this unfair termination and demand that Whole Foods immediately reinstates me!