To: Mexico's government

Demand Mexico release Dr. Mireles and his group

After 12 years of government inaction to provide protection for the citizens of the state of Michoacan against all types of criminal abuses - robbery, kidnapping, killings, violation of women and girls - by government abetted criminals, Dr. Mireles and other community members armed themselves for self protection. The government has arrested Dr. Mireles and some of his companions as they responded to a call for aid by a family that was being attacked by criminals. Before being arrested by a large group of armed military and police, Dr. Mireles asked the government forces to aid them in helping the family in need. The government forces replied that they did not have permission to provide aid. The arrest of Dr. Mireles and his companions followed. Mexico's corrupt government is using repression to continue abetted corruption by criminals.

Why is this important?

Concern for human rights and to stop corrupt and repressive government actions!