To: Mike Pence, VP and Nick Ayers, Chief of Staff

Demand Mike Pence cancel his speech to the NRA convention on May 4

Mike Pence is scheduled to speak at the NRA convention in Dallas on May 4. This is a slap in the face to Americans—from Parkland to Chicago to Nashville—hurting from gun violence. It's also a signal to young people organizing historic actions that the NRA's extremist agenda and donations are more valuable to Mike Pence than the lives lost. Sign now to demand Mike Pence pull out of the NRA convention.

Why is this important?

Despite some of the most shocking mass shootings in American history, Mike Pence thinks it's a good idea to be a headliner at the NRA's convention in Dallas on May 4. It's scheduled to take place just days after police officers were critically wounded by a suspect at a Home Depot right there in Dallas.

It's sad that Pence is so dismissive of the American lives lost in Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, and Parkland—not to mention the thousands of people killed every month by gun violence.

The majority of Americans want politicians to stop gun violence with common sense reforms. But rather than using his platform to advocate for peace and common sense safety, Mike Pence is rewarding extremists in the NRA.

Trump, Pence, Ryan, McConnell, and the rest of the GOP seem happy to continue making excuses for gun violence because the NRA throws millions of dollars at their party.

Enough! We must hold all politicians to basic standards of decency.

Tell Mike Pence to drop out of the NRA's convention and stand with the majority of Americans who want real action to end gun violence.


Reasons for signing

  • Government is now reopening all states and cities. The official government petitions are finally reopen. Education and schools are are reopening all states and cities.
  • *Shame* please *RESIGN* & stop Destroying America with your *LIES* & the harm to our environment!
  • With overwelming evidence that guns are used to kill people whether it be for unaggravated murder, domestic abuse, and anger toward innocent victimes, guns have no place in a civilized society. Mike Pence, the vice president of the United States, is promoting gun violence as a means of retaliation and hate, under the guise of the Second Amendment. So many killings are caused by people with anger issues who don't know how to come to terms with violent tendencies. The art of negotiation and pro...