To: Mike Tate, Chair, of the DPW

Demand Mike Tate of the DPW Resign Immediately

Another election, another election lost.....Feeling frustrated in the lack of direction, creativity, and unwillingness of the current leadership of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin? You are not alone! It's time for new, fresh ideas on how to empower all citizens of our great state. Time for some grassroots action to take back our state. Let's start by cleaning house by demanding the chair, and the entire staff of the DPW step down and do the right thing.

Why is this important?

And it's one, two, three strikes you're out. 3rd straight election loss. Hold these folks accountable at the DPW. Time to "move on" with fresh, progressive, populist Ideals and values. Please, tweet, email, and post this petition on all your social media sites. Forward!