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Demand Milton Hershey Trust Co intervene to reverse decision on HIV positive student and dismiss ...

How sad that this story continues and the school has not reversed course. Each night for the past three nights CNN’s Anderson Cooper AC360 news show has made this a top story and has been giving it a lot of attention. Thank you Anderson!!

Each night the communications director of the school comes on to support continuing statements coming from the school. Does Connie McNamara, Vice President of Communications at Milton Hershey School really stand behind these statements each night, does she really believe in the words in these statements, and is she THAT uneducated about HIV/AIDS?!? Or, is she trying to keep a job? If I were her I would do the right thing and resign my position immediately. I feel this fear goes deeper into the administration at Milton Hershey and those NOT in support of this decision have a moral duty to walk away, bring down the veil and reveal who the real fear mongers are at this school.

I cannot believe the ignorance surrounding this story, and why the parents of these children of the school are not in support of this boy?!? Have we really fallen back 20 + years on AIDS education and awareness? I am mad and saddened. If I had the organizing power I would organize busloads of protestors to descend on the school and we would hold out for days, or weeks. If not to force the school to accept this student, but to stand in solidarity with this student as reminder that HIV/AIDS is still around 30 years later, and that this kind of discrimination today, especially in America cannot be tolerated.

I am further outraged that a school founded by the Hershey Co. in 1909 and financed by the Milton Hershey School Trust, which also holds the controlling interest in The Hershey Co. has yet to issue a statement or intervene in this matter. Below is part of the mission statement for the Hershey Co…..

"At The Hershey Company, we make the chocolate brands that people love. Hershey’s Mission Statement, Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day, summarizes our company, our people, our past and our future. Our history of producing the world’s best treats goes back more than 100 years. We take great pride in our brands and in the fun and enjoyment our products add to the lives of our consumers.

Hershey has a distinguished record of supporting the well-being of children through our relationship with Milton Hershey School.
The School was established by the company’s founder in 1909 and provides a nurturing environment, quality education, housing, and medical care at no cost to children in social and financial need. The School is administered by the Hershey Trust Company, Hershey’s largest shareholder, making the students of Milton Hershey School direct beneficiaries of Hershey’s success."

By denying access to this child to the Milton Hershey School, Hershey Co. has gone a 100 year back on its strong values, and distinguished record of supporting the well-being of children. Milton Hershey School and Hershey Co. have put the well-being of this child at risk, and the school and Hershey Co. should be held liable to the highest extent of the law. No longer will I think of Hershey as bringing sweet moments and happiness to the world every day. When I see a Hershey product it will bring me disgust and sadness. I will forever connect the Hershey Co Brand with this horrific display of ignorance.

I started this petition to ask people to sign and leave a comment, regarding boycotting the Hershey brand and supporting a statement directly from the Hershey Trust Company.

Again, if I had the organizing power I would position protestors outside grocery stores throughout the country, asking shoppers to boycott Hershey products; especially during this holiday season.

I can only hope the community of Hershey, PA, surrounding communities, the students and the parents of the school take a stand, by rising up to HIV, dismantle the ignorance that lies deep within this schools administration.

As a PLWH and in solidarity with those around the World; we must and will continue to educate the public on the very minimal risks of contracting HIV/AIDS. I would immediately call on and ask the Hershey Trust Company to intervene and issue a statement on this matter.

In the interim I have compiled a list of all Hershey products you may consider boycotting, which can be found on my blog at

With sadness in my heart and with hope for a positive outcome,

Kevin Maloney
Founder: Rise Up To HIV
“Voices in Unity Strengthening Community”

Why is this important?

This petition is in regards to the denial of admission of an HIV positive student into Milton Hershey School, in Hershey, PA owned by Milton Hershey Trust Co.