To: Governor John Carney

Demand Removal of the Delaware DuPont Hay Rd. Hazardous Waste Site

Protect the health of Delaware’s residents by mandating the total removal of the hazardous waste pile built from 1997-2001 by DuPont at its Edge Moor facility, containing titanium dioxide, benzene and other life-threatening toxins and carcinogens.
Governor Markell, we the undersigned demand that you protect the health and welfare of Delaware’s residents by mandating the total removal of the hazardous waste pile containing titanium dioxide, benzene, and a host of other life-threatening toxins at the Edge Moor facility, holding both DuPont and Chemours fully liable (jointly and severally) for any costs borne by taxpayers for cleanup.

Why is this important?

At the DuPont/Chemours titanium dioxide plant in Edge-Moor, DE, on the banks of the Delaware River and Shellpot Creek, lies a giant "dioxin pile" of dangerous waste which DuPont claimed was in temporary storage and would be sold. When DuPont was unable to sell the waste, it got permission from Delaware officials, over strong public opposition, to leave the pile there forever. If not removed, this "dioxin pile" will inevitably leak dioxin and other poisons into the air (blowing dust), into the groundwater, and into the Delaware River. It will be a perpetual threat to the health of residents, and an obstacle to safe reuse of the site.
DuPont/Chemours must remove the dioxin pile. The recent sale of DuPont’s titanium dioxide (“TiO2”) manufacturing facility located at 104 Hay Road, Edge Moor, New Castle County, Delaware to the entity known as Chemours has cast a significant doubt that the hazardous waste storage site located in the area known as Cherry Island in Wilmington, Delaware will ever be removed, thereby posing an ongoing threat to the health and environment of all Delawareans. Chemours’ announcement that it was shutting down this facility shortly after its acquisition raises serious questions regarding who will be held responsible for cleanup and removal of this imminent threat. Governor Jack Markell and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) must mandate the total removal of the hazardous waste pile from the Edge Moor facility holding the owners fully liable (jointly and severally) for the costs incurred by taxpayers for cleanup.