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To: Texans

Demand Ted Cruz resign

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sissy smith
Demand Ted Cruz resign

Demand that Ted Cruz resign for his actions in subverting the presidential conformation and inciting violence

Why is this important?

Ted Cruz has disgraced the state of Texas and the republican party. His ousting will benefit not only the state of Texas, the republican party of texas, but the entire US population.


Reasons for signing

  • Dude ignores democratic process, dude supports the white supremacist nationalism insurrection attempt, and dude ignores his constituents. Disgraceful to our state and an embarrassment to our country. Be a patriot, Raphael, and resign.
  • There is no space in congress for educated staff that would purposely ignore an honest count of the election. If there were falsely casted votes, where is the proof? Is there enough proof to overturn all the states that Mr Trump lost? When will people start putting Morals ahead of Money?? When will those same people put People ahead of Party??
  • Ted Cruz does not represent my interests. Nor the interests of a majority of Texans, republican or democrat. His lies cost lives. His actions bolstered and emboldened violent insurrectionists.


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