To: Utah Republican Party, The Utah State House, The Utah State Senate, and Governor Gary R. Herbert

Demand that Utah GOP Follow Rule of Law

This weekend, we call on delegates and leaders at the Utah Republican Convention to vote against the resolution by Lowell Nelson that would encourage public officials to nullify federal orders, acts, opinions, or regulations which they personally believe are unconstitutional. We demand that the GOP reject the notion that they can pick and choose the laws that they do and do not like, and that the GOP instead commit to following the Rule of Law.

Why is this important?

The Utah Republican Convention is this weekend, and the GOP will be voting on a resolution by Lowell Nelson, former vice chairman of the state Republican Party, that “encourages public officials at all levels of government to nullify any federal order, act, opinion, or regulation” which they personally believe is unconstitutional. Nelson says he expects his resolution to easily win approval among the GOP convention delegates, but we’re calling on you to let him and the rest of the Republican party know that this is not the way our leaders should behave.