To: Governor Jay Inslee

Demand the best climate science in Washington State!

Governor Jay Inslee, we are counting on you to direct the Washington Department of Ecology to comply with Judge Hill’s mandate to adopt carbon pollution rules that protect young people's constitutional and public trust rights and set us on the path to true climate recovery. The best current climate science requires Washington State to immediately start reducing CO2 pollution in line with a global trajectory of achieving climate stabilization, which means returning atmospheric CO2 levels to no more than 350 ppm by 2100. As Judge Hill said, these kids can't wait!

Why is this important?

Representing several youths who filed a petition in collaboration with Our Children's Trust, the Western Environmental Law Center won a precedent-setting climate change victory against the Washington Department of Ecology. The court ordered Ecology to implement a carbon emissions rule using the best available science by the end of 2016. Governor Inslee's administration has a history of proposing insufficient rules based on outdated science. We need your voice so that future generations have a legal right to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate!