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To: Jaime R. Harrison

Demand the resignation of billionaire lobbyist Chris Korge as Chair of DNC Finance Committee

Dear Mr. Harrison,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the current leadership of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Finance Committee. Specifically, I am urging you to take immediate action and facilitate the resignation of Chris Korge from his position as the Chair of the DNC Finance Committee.

Why is this important?

The DNC Finance Committee plays a crucial role in the Democratic Party's operations by spearheading fundraising efforts and ensuring financial transparency. Unfortunately, Chris Korge's continued tenure has raised serious doubts about the committee's integrity and the party's commitment to these principles. There are several compelling reasons why we believe Mr. Korge should step down from his position:

Conflict of Interest: Mr. Korge's personal and financial ties to various special interest groups and corporate entities raise concerns about potential conflicts of interest. As Chair of the Finance Committee, he should be impartial and prioritize the party's interests above any personal or external affiliations.

Lack of Transparency: There have been alarming reports of lack of transparency in the committee's fundraising activities under Mr. Korge's leadership. The Democratic Party should uphold the highest standards of transparency to maintain the trust of its members, supporters and voters.

Failed Fundraising Strategy: Despite being in a crucial position to strategize and execute effective fundraising campaigns, Mr. Korge's tenure has witnessed a decline in the committee's fundraising efforts. The party needs a leader who can inspire donors, mobilize resources, and maximize financial contributions to support Democratic candidates at all levels.

Loss of Public Confidence: The controversies surrounding Mr. Korge have eroded public confidence in the DNC's ability to ensure fair and ethical practices. To rebuild trust among voters, it is imperative that the party take swift action to address these concerns.

Refusal to Pay Living Wage: The hypocrisy of billionaire lobbyist and Financial Chair for the Democratic National Committee to refuse to pay a minimum $15/hour "living wage" to the countless workers that are being exploited by his ruthless company, Newslink, is incredible. Considering Korge is the Finance Chair for the Democratic National Committee (DNC)-- this is the fair and just action he should take. In 2018, the Miami Dade County Commission passed a "living wage" ordinance and, incredibly, exempted billionaire lobbyist Chris Korge’s company, Newslink, from paying a "living wage" until his contracts are renewed in 2024.

On behalf of all the impoverished human beings this unethical billionaire lobbyist is exploiting, we demand justice and that the unethical Chris Korge immediately begin to pay the “living wage" of $15/hour to NewsLink’s workers or resign as the and Financial Chair for the Democratic National Committee. Please see a related petition regarding this issue here: (Chris Korge - Living Wage)

Sins of South Beach Expose: In the published book “Sins of South Beach”, author, convicted felon and first cousin to Chris Korge outlines a series of criminal acts and bribes committed by billionaire lobbyist Chris Korge. This book was published in 2006. Since the printing of this caustic account of the criminal acts committed by his first cousin, Chris Korge has never publicly denied, sued or commenced any legal action against the publisher, the promoters or the author of this book. In addition there is a documentary that is being filmed concerning its contents that will most certainly contain the damning allegations against billionaire lobbyist Chris Korge.

Therefore, I, along with the undersigned individuals, urge you to initiate the necessary crucial steps to facilitate Chris Korge's resignation as Chair of the DNC Finance Committee. We believe that such action is essential to uphold the integrity of the Democratic Party, reestablish public trust, and ensure the committee's effective functioning.
We respectfully request that you keep us informed of any progress made on this matter and the steps taken to address the concerns raised. We stand ready to offer our support and assistance in any way possible to ensure that the Democratic Party remains a shining beacon of integrity and progress.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. We trust that you will take the necessary actions to address our concerns and uphold the principles that our party holds dear.