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To: Cable providers

Demand Your Cable Service Provider Make FOX News Channel Optional!

To All Concerned,

I do not support FOX News at all. I’m offended by the constant lies and demagoguery they pump out on a daily basis. FOX News has been the main driver of disinformation and misinformation in America as it relates to the 2020 election and Donald Trump’s Big Lie; to the ongoing pandemic; the deterioration of political civility; and a sharp rise in anti-democratic/anti-democracy, nationalism and authoritarianism. Yet they’ve never been held accountable.

In the post-Trump era, they’re seemingly thriving. We need to look no further than seeing Fox News's Tucker Carlson and his praise of Vladimir Putin and his war in Ukraine or the jarring contrast between giving credence to Donald Trump’s antics after the 2020 election and privately calling them lies.
Clearly those who want to watch it can, that’s their prerogative, but I don’t want to pay for it. Can those of us who see what FOX has been doing come together and through a threat to cancel our cable subscriptions demand that they stop including FOX in all basic cable options when they renegotiate their contracts, in order to opt for another source of access to the networks we want to support.

Why is this important?

My concerns aren't that FOX is conservative, but that FOX “News” is not news at all! It's an entertainment channel that seeks to do nothing but spread inaccurate propaganda. Court documents show that in 2020, FOX’s top brass knew that the election deniers they put on the air were peddling lies and were not credible, but they put them on anyway.

Please help me do my part to try and stop this insidious organization from continuing to rip our country apart.I DO NOT wish to directly or inadvertently support anything that's this destructive to our civil society. I have children who deserve to live in a country where truth and justice still mean something. Please help me spread the word and see if we can make something powerful happen this year!



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