To: Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA-12)

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi: Please start a discharge petition to bring HR15 the House immigra...

Representative Pelosi, in your role as House Minority Leader, you have spoken often about the urgent need to fix our broken immigration law. You have also stated that the country needs to address the fate of the 11 million immigrants and provide a path to citizenship for them through comprehensive immigration reform.

The time has come to start a discharge petition and call for an up-or-down vote on comprehensive immigration reform. There is currently a bipartisan House bill, HR-15, in Congress. For months, the Tea Party Republicans have derailed immigration reform. But now, a group of Republicans are breaking with their party and signing up to cosponsor the immigration bill. This means that we are finally in a position to move forward on comprehensive immigration reform. All we need now is for Democrats to stand firm, start a discharge petition, and demand an up-or-down vote.

There are no more excuses for delaying a vote on this important bill, one that will help improve our economy and bring relief to nearly 11 million aspiring citizens. But we need Democrats to take a stand and call Mr. Boehner's bluff by demanding an up-or-down vote now!

It is way past time for congress to address the broken immigration system and fix it!

We need action now!

Thank you!

Why is this important?

I have been personally affected by this issue and would like to see a solution NOW!


Reasons for signing

  • This woman is a traitor and needs to be held accountable for her actions.
  • No one can understand the importance of "the wall" as much as native Californian's or those near the border in Arizona or Texas. Our states are being destroyed by illegals. We are in our mid 50's. Growing up here was wonderful. Now we want to move to Idaho or anywhere for that matter that isnt affected by this problem. This state favors illegals over the hard working families that made the communities prosperous and great. My parents grew up in Anaheim, a little German town. Anaheim is now p...
  • She should never represent any of us. Everything is a political game to her. She was appalling at the State of the Union address.