To: Ohio Parole Board

Deny Parole to Convicted Murderer Warren Paxton Brown!

Deny the parole of Warren Paxton Brown convicted of the premeditated and brutal murder of 13 year old Robyn Star Field. Life should mean life!

Why is this important?

Judge James Kilbane called Brown during sentencing "a cold, calculating, violent murderer who is completely devoid of truth, moral integrity or love for anyone but himself, whom I hope never sees the light of day." To date, Brown has never taken responsibility for his crime, never shown an ounce of remorse, or apologized to Robyn's family. The safety and welfare of Robyn's family and friends as well as the general public will be threatened should Brown be released, based on the horrendous nature of his crime. Parole must be denied.


Reasons for signing

  • This was a terrible crime. He’s a deviant who will do this again if let out in society. We need to do this for sweet Robyn Star Fields! 💜
  • This is a horrible thing for a child to do to another child. She was innocent and lost her life. Obveously there is something not Rite inside of him. Normal people don't do things like that. He is someone we should all be afraid of. He doesent deserve another chance. If he could be that evil as a teenager, imagine what he is like now. Her family should not have to worry about him being released. Never should he be
  • I could not imagine the immense pain her family lives with. I cannot fathom someone who took anothers life so callously ever reforming enough to be allowed out to possibly do it again. It would be a tragedy.