To: Mayor Bernard Carvalho, Mayor of County of Kauai, The Hawaii State House, The Hawaii State Senate, and Governor David Ige

Desecration at Wailuanuiahoano

Stop Hawaiian burial desecration. Drop the charges against Hawaiian cultural defenders Kaiolani Eden and James Alalem.

Why is this important?

"Progress" in Hawaii means digging up burials, in this case for a septic leach field. See the arrest video at
Imagine your parents' or forebears' graves being dug up by a backhoe. Severing their connection to the past is the means to a culture's genocide.
Kaiolani and James, acting with the authority of state and local law requiring cessation of digging when remains are found, put their bodies in front of the backhoe and were arrested for their brave act. Their court appearance is May 25.