To: President Donald Trump

DESIGNATE the Grizzly Bear National Monument in Orange County, CA.

Dear President Obama, please designate the Santa Ana Mountain range as the Grizzly Bear National Monument. The range is threatened by urban sprawl and is the largest wild and scenic area in Orange County, western Riverside County and northern San Diego County, Southern California.

Why is this important?

Once home to the CA grizzly and CA condor, the Santa Ana Mountain range is severely threatened by urban sprawl, pollution, altered fire regime, abuse and neglect. Currently, there are multiple landowners, including US Forest Service, OC Parks, Riverside County Parks, Rancho Mission Viejo, CA State Parks, military, NGOs, private individuals and investment groups. The US Forest Service owns one of the largest portions, but lacks the budget and staff to adequately manage for natural and cultural resource value.


Reasons for signing

  • So sad to see the state affairs from where we once were to now. This is a small step towards the future we should be supporting. Please help it be manifested.
  • Bring back the california grizzly to our state..the illegal mexicans are far more dangerous..Bring back the california grizzly!!!!
  • Wonderful proposal, we definitely need to do this.