To: The United States House of Representatives

Develop a National Manufacturing Strategy

Despite over a century of leading the world in manufacturing, the U.S. fell to number two in 2011 as China's manufacturing sector continues to grow and dominate. It is imperative that Congress develop a National Manufacturing Strategy to reverse the effects of both the economical and labor declines. The Alliance For American Manufacturing has outlined a plan that details expanding American Production, investing in American Infrastructure, enhancing the American workforce, enforcing trade laws, balancing the U.S. trade account, penalizing other nations' exchange rate manipulations and rebuilding America's innovation base. Congress should take action now so that the United States can retake its title as the worldwide leader in manufacturing.

Why is this important?

Last week, HS Global Insight revealed that China has passed the United States as leading manufacturing output. While Germany, China, South Korea and every other industrialized nation have an implemented strategy to promote domestic manufacturing, the U.S. stands by and allows our jobs to be outsourced overseas.